Comparative evaluation of four different remineralizing agents on dentin surface topography: an invitro study

Document Type : Original Article


Lecturer of Operative Dentistry, Faculty of Dental Medicine, Al Azhar University


this study was designed to evaluate the effect of four remineralizing agents on surface topography of dentin. Materials and methods: 75 teeth were were divided according to the remineralizing agents into five treatment groups (Control C, CPP-ACP A, NovaMin V, n-HA N & NaF F) 15 teeth each. Time of pH cycling periods were divided to (one week (W1), two weeks (W2) and five weeks (W5) Results: Regarding all of pH cycle periods (W1, W2&W5); there was statistically significant difference between mean dentinal tubules diameter values of the control group on one hand and each of A, V, N and F groups on the other hand. However, there was no statistically significance difference between all those remineralizing agents. The N groups showed the lowest mean value of dentinal tubules diameter while the F groups showed the highest mean value of dentinal tubules diameter
Conclusions: surface topography of dentin is positively affected by the application of remineralizing agents. Increasing the application rate (pH cycling periods) of the remineralizing agents significantly affect the surface topography of dentin.