Comparative assessment of apically extruded debris using Protaper Next, Hyflex CM and EdgeFile X7 nickel titanium instruments (An in vitro Study)

Document Type : Original Article


Endodontic department- Faculty of oral and dental medicine- Future University


Aim: To compare the amount of extruded debris with three endodontic NiTi engine driven systems, Protaper Next, Hyflex CM and EdgeFile X7.
Material and Methods: A total number of 42 freshly extracted human premolars were selected. Teeth were divided randomly into three equal groups (14 teeth each group) according to type of Ni-Ti rotary file system; (A) Protaper Next, (B) Hyflex CM and (C) EdgeFile X7. Standard Access cavity prepared and checked for patency using K file #10 and #15. Root canal instrumentation on the single canal lower premolars was done. Debris was collected after root canal instrumentation in pre-weighed Eppendorf tubes. The Eppendorf tubes were weighed 2 times on the analytical balance. First weight: Before instrumentation. Second weight: After evaporation of moisture and irrigant and incubation. Welch test was used for comparison between the three groups.
Results: There was no statistically significant difference between the amounts of debris extrusion of the three groups
Conclusion: All endodontic rotary instruments tested produced apical extrusion of debris.