Impact of in-vivo Low-Level Laser therapy combined with Rabbit Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells to promote Bone Regeneration. Morphological and Gene Expression Assessments.

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1 Associate Professor of Periodontology- Preventive Dental Sciences Department, College of Dentistry, Princess Norah Bint Abdulrahman University- KSA

2 Lecturer of Oral Biology- Faculty of Dentistry- Fayoum University


Regenerative procedures are intended to restore both function and architecture of the destroyed periodontal tissue. BMMSCs showed high efficacy in the potentiation of bone regeneration. Additionally, Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) enhances tissue repair.
This study aims to compare the regenerative impact via LLLT, BMMSCs in chitosan carrier gel either alone or in combination of both treatments on rabbit femoral bony defects.
Materials and Methods:
12 New Zealand albino rabbits were enrolled in the study. Two holes were drilled in each femur of all rabbits. The rabbit population was divided into 4 groups. Group A injected with chitosan carrier gel; Group B was injected with Rabbit-BMMSCs in chitosan; Group C where LLLT (diode laser, 980 nm, 0.3 W, continuous mode, and 250 mW) was applied on each hole loaded with chitosan carrier gel. Finally, Group D received both treatments in group B and C. Rabbits were sacrificed after 8 weeks. Morphological and genetic assessments were performed. All data were statistically analyzed.
Best bone healing results were seen in the combined group of LLLT with BMMSCs followed by the BMMSCs group alone. LLLT group showed inferior healing to the BMMSCs group but still better than the control group. These findings were confirmed by RT-PCR which revealed the highest OC and ALP and lowest OPG in the combination group followed by BMMSCs, LLLT, and control groups in descending order.
The combination of LLLT application to the BMMSCs transplanted in the rabbit femur defects provided the greatest bone regeneration results.


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