Ability of sonic activation, ultrasonic activation, and XP-finishing rotary file in the removal of calcium hydroxide-iodoform intracanal medication

Document Type : Original Article


Lecturer of Endodontics, Endodontic Department, Kafr El Sheikh University


This research aimed at comparing the efficiency of calcium hydroxide Ca(OH)2-iodoform paste removal from a simulated groove using sonic endo activator (EQ-S), Ultrasonic activator (Ultra smart) and XP-endo finishers (XP). Thirty maxillary central incisors with a single canal were divided lengthwise and prepared to size 40/0.04. In the apical third, an artificial groove was created and filled with Ca(OH)2-iodoform paste. According to the techniques used for removal, the root halves were put back together and equally split into three experimental groups (ten teeth for each group). A four-grade score was used to assess the residual Ca (OH)2-iodoform paste. The Kruskal-Wallis test was used to statistically assess the differences between the categories (P 0.05). the results showed that there were no notable variations among the groups (P = 0.209). However, Ultra smart, XP, removed more Ca(OH)2 paste than (EQ-S). None of the techniques that were tried could remove all of the Ca(OH)2-iodoform paste.


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