Comparing the retreatability of bioceramic sealer to resin sealer using rotational instrumentation supplemented by irrigant activation: A laboratory-based micro-computed tomography

Document Type : Original Article


Lecturer of Endodontics, Endodontic, Department, Kafr El Sheikh University


Using micro-computed tomography for assessment, this study examined the retreatability of filling materials from canals filled with Total Fill bioceramic sealer (FKG Dentaire, La Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland) and Dia-ProSeal epoxy resin-based sealer (Dia dent, Korea) sealing a gutta-percha core. According to the sealer utilized, 30 mandibular premolars were randomly allocated into two groups. Canals were retreated two weeks following obturation using Fanta retreatment kit (FANTA dental materials, China).The length of time required for retreatment was listed. After obturation, retreatment and irrigant activation (XP endo finisher R), the roots were scanned. The Wilcoxon & Mann-Whitney tests were used to assess the data. In comparison to canals filled with Dia-ProSeal, Total Fill bioceramic sealer canals showed considerably less residual filling material (P< 0.05). The remaining material in both groups significantly decreased with irrigant activation (P< 0.05). The Dia-ProSeal group was found to have considerably less retreatment time than Total Fill bioceramic sealer group (P< 0.05).


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