Clinical and Radiographical Assessment of the Role of Platelet Rich Fibrin with Delayed Short Dental Implants Placement (Comparative Clinical Study)

Document Type : Original Article


1 BDS, Mansoura University-Egypt 2013, Faculty of Dentistry - Mansoura University.

2 Associate Professor of Oral Medicine, Periodontology, Diagnosis and Oral Radiology, Faculty of Dentistry- Mansoura University.

3 Associate Professor of Fixed Prosthodontics, Faculty of Dentistry-Mansoura University.

4 Lecturer of oral medicine, Periodontology, Diagnosis and oral Radiology, Faculty of Dentistry-Mansoura University.


Purpose: Assessment the efficacy of platelet rich fibrin (PRF) with delayed short dental implants placement clinically and radiographically.
Methods: This study was a comparative clinical study, with 16 short dental implants were used in the posterior edentulous region. Cases were distributed into two groups, the study group who had lost posterior teeth to be restored with short dental implant, while the the control group who were looking for missed molar restoration also. The study group patients have received short dental implant with PRF membrane surrounding it. On the other hand, the control group patients received short dental implants without PRF placement. Prosthetic procedures started after three months, with the assessment of different clinical indices including; modified plaque index (mPI), Osstell device to assess osseointegration, peri-implant probing depth index (PPDI) and the crestal bone loss (CBL). Also the crestal bone surrounding short implants was assessed after placement immediately (T0) using periapical digital x-ray with parallel technique and re-evaluated at the time of the prosthetic phase (T3) again. Later on, all of these indices were re-evaluated for second time after three months (T6).
Results: At recent clinical study it was found that the study group patients with PRF around the placed short dental implant got better clinical and radiographical parameters than that of the control group patients without PRF surrounding the short dental implants.
Conclusions: PRF can be used around the short dental implants to decrease the crestal bone loss and enhance soft and hard tissue healing surrounding short dental implants


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