Effect of β-Sitosterol on Healing of Induced Oral Traumatic Ulcer in Albino Rats

Document Type : Original Article


1 Associate professor of Oral Biology department, Faculty of Dentistry Suez Canal University

2 Associate Professor of Pediatric Dentistry, Preventive Dentistry and Dental Public Health, Faculty Dentistry Suez Canal University

3 Associate Professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology, Faculty of Dentistry Suez Canal University


Background: Oral ulcerations frequently manifest as symptoms of a diverse range of diseases affecting the pediatric oral cavity, with numerous causative factors involved. The diagnostic process for these lesions can be particularly complex for clinicians, owing to the similarities in clinical and histopathological characteristics across various ulcerative conditions. So, this research aims to assess the impact of β-Sitosterol, administered orally, on the healing process of experimentally induced traumatic ulcers in albino rats.
Materials and methods: 30 adult albino rats were randomly divided into five groups. 1-Negative control group: (n=6), no ulcer or treatment, 2-Positive control group: (n=6), labial traumatic ulcers were induced, and the rats were euthanized after 2 hours. 3-Self-recovery group: (n=6), induction of traumatic ulcer in labial mucosa of rats, then euthanization after 10 days for self-recovery evaluation. 4-Olive oil treated group: (n=6), induction of labial traumatic ulcer, after 24 hours’ ulcer induction, the animals were systemically administrated olive oil by oropharyngeal tube for10 days. 5-Β-Sitosetrol treated group: (n=6), induction of labial traumatic ulcer, after 24 hours of ulcer induction, β-Sitosterol of dose 5m/kg, was systemically administrated by oropharyngeal tube for 10 days. Clinical and histopathogical, histochemical and PCNA-immuno-histochemical assessments were used for ulcer healing evaluation.
Results: β-Sitosterol-treated group shows promising healing results in short time comparing to other study groups in albino rates.
Conclusion: oral admistration of β-Sitosterol may be a valuable alternative therapy to conventional existing oral drugs used for treatment and healing acceleration of oral ulcers.


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