Ameliorative Effect of L-Carnitine against Histopathological Changes Induced by Methotrexate on the Lingual Mucosa of Albino Rats

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1 Assistant professor in Oral Pathology Department, Faculty of Dentistry, Suez Canal University

2 Lecturer in Oral medicine and periodontology department Faculty of dentistry Suez Canal University

3 lecturer in oral and maxillofacial pathology department, Faculty of Dentistry, Suez University, Suez, Egypt


Background and objectives: Methotrexate (MTX) is a chemotherapeutic drug that is used in the treatment of many cancers and chronic inflammatory illnesses. Oral mucositis is a common side effect of MTX, which may lead to the discontinuation of chemotherapy. The study aimed to evaluate the possible protective effect of L-carnitine (LC) on the lingual mucosa of MTX-treated Albino rats.
Material and Methods: Forty male albino rats were used in this experiment. The rats were divided into four experimental groups: Group 1 (negative control group), Group 2 (LC group), Group 3 (MTX group), and Group 4 (LC+MTX treated group). Rats were euthanized separately on day 14th. Tongue specimens were processed for hematoxylin & eosin staining and immunohistochemically prepared for TNF-α, COX-2, and Bax expression. The data was analyzed and expressed statistically by the one-way ANOVA test.
Results: The negative control and LC groups showed normal histological structures of the lingual mucosa. The MTX group showed destruction in normal histological structure, while the group that took LC as a protective agent before MTX induction, showed a marked protection to the lingual mucosa from the destructive effect of MTX. Immunohistochemical results revealed mild to moderate immune reactivity to TNF-α, COX-2, and Bax in the negative control, LC, and LC+MTX groups, while a strong immune reactivity was observed in the MTX group (p<0.05).
Conclusion: the current study proved that LC could act as a prophylactic agent before MTX treatment to prevent oral mucositis


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