Digital PEEK framework and patient satisfaction compared to conventional metal framework in removable partial dentures. A clinical trial

Document Type : Original Article


1 Lecturer in Removable Prosthodontics Department, Ahram Canadian University

2 PhD. of Removable Prosthodontics


Introduction: Utilization of removable partial dentures (RPD) is inevitable in some patients that are not indicated for any other treatment option, thus patient satisfaction with this line of treatment is of great importance. However, a notable need exists to advance materials and fabrication technologies due to the undesirable health outcomes linked with current RPDs.
Aim: In this study patient satisfaction with conventionally manufactured metal RPD framework, was compared with their satisfaction using digitally milled PEEK (Juvora) framework.
Methods: Ten patients were selected having class I partially edentulous mandibles. A conventional metal framework RPD was constructed for each patient, then another RPD with milled PEEK framework was digitally fabricated for each one of them. Each patient had the chance to use each denture for three months, then questionnaires were filled to assess their satisfaction.
Results: The questionnaires were statistically analyzed and resulted in more patients’ satisfaction with the digital PEEK framework RPD, than with conventional metallic RPD framework.
Conclusion: PEEK material increases patients’ satisfaction with RPDs than the conventional metal framework material, thus decreasing patients’ complaints from removable appliances.