Evaluating the Cutting efficiency of two new ultrasonic units with different tip manufacture

Document Type : Original Article


1 Assistant Professor, Suez Desert Road El Sherouk City

2 Assistant Professor, Suez Desert Road El Sherouk City, British Univeristy


Thirty-two freshly extracted single-rooted anterior teeth with fully developed apices were obtained, cleaning, shaping were done for each tooth by wave Gold rotary files and obturation were done, teeth were then divided equally in two groups, then apicoectomy was done by tungsten carbide bur and retrograde was done by angled ultrasonic tips, two angled ultrasonic tips were used in this study, diamonid-coated and zirconium nitride coated ultrasonic tips, time of preparation were measured and the tooth was weighed before and after by five digital scale to evaluate the cutting efficiency of ultrasonic tips, Results of intergroup comparison for working time showed E8-SD to have significantly higher mean value than SURG-1 (p<0.001). While results of intergroup comparison for the weight of removed dentine showed SURG-1 to have a significantly higher value (p<0.001), Within the limitations of the study, diamond-coated surgical retrograde tip (E8-SD) showed a significantly higher cutting efficiency that zirconium coated tip ( Surg-1).