Volume & Issue: Volume 70, Issue 2 - Serial Number 1, April 2024, Pages 987-1113 (April (Orthodontics, Pediatric & Preventive Dentistry)) 
Awareness and knowledge of CBCT among a group of Egyptian Pediatric dentists: A questionnaire study

Pages 1015-1022

Sarah Mohamed Shafik Khalil khalil; Shimaa Abu El Sadat; Reham Khaled Elghazawy

Evaluation of pulpal response to Endosequence root repair versus Biodentine after pulpotomy in primary teeth of puppies

Pages 1031-1038

Sherif S Darwish; Moustafa A. Matar; Rehab Samir Salma; Eman M. Salem; Omnia M. AbdElfatah; Rabab K ElGhandour

Scentsational Smiles: The Impact of Aromatherapy on Alleviating Dental Anxiety in Children

Pages 1039-1056

shaimaa M. Mahfouz Omer; Safinaz Abdelfattah AbdelWahab; Yousra Samir Helmy

Assessment of Prolonged Effect of Repeated Botulinum Toxin-A Injection for Gummy Smile Correction

Pages 1067-1075

Namies Yousri; Noha ezzat Sabet; Islam Tarek Hassan; Marwah Salah Abd El Latief

Management of Severe Traumatic Intrusion of the Permanent Upper Central Incisor: A Case Report

Pages 1091-1098

Soha F Alqadi; Razan K Alekhmimi; Doaa F Felemban; Sarah A Almuzaini; Arwa S Bafail; Ebtihal H Zain-Alabdeen

Relation Between Salivary Immunoglobulins Levels and Dental Caries in Egyptian Children with Gaucher Disease

Pages 1107-1113

yomna said mohamed; Amal Mohamed El- Beshlawy; Hend Aly Sabry; Dina Sabry Sabry; Marwa Kamal Mohamed

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